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Raw Ham (San Daniele / Parma / Toscano), Cooked Ham (Ferrarini / High Quality / Smoked / with Herbs), Culatello, Bresaola, Lonzino, Mortadella (with Pistachio / Truffle), Galantina (also with Truffle), Coppa, Spicy Calabrese Capocollo, Speck, Cooked Speck, Fiocco di Culatello, Slinzega, Turkey Breast, Porchetta, Chicken with Herbs, Roast Beef, Carne Salada, Tongue, Cacciatori (also with Truffle), Salami Grains, Strolghino, Salame Canosa (with Fennel), Spicy Salami, 'Nduja, Salame Napoli (Spicy / Sweet), Salame Ungherese, Soppressata Toscana/Coppa di Testa, Soppressa Veneta, Cooked Salame, Cooked Liver Salame, Bacon (Cubed / Rolled / Sweet Brim / Smoked Brim / Coppata), Guanciale, Salami by the Cut (Milan / Finocchiona / Farmer / Spianata Calabra / Salame Cotto), Salami by the Piece (Varzi / Felino / Piacentino / Mantovano / Bergamasco / Cremonese / Lodigiano), Lardo di Colonnata, Lardo Lonzato.


Bresaola, Speck, Cacciatori (Pure Horse / with Donkey / Smoked), Stringa.


Chorizo De Bellota, Jamon De Bellota


Roe deer/deer/wild boar Cacciatori and Kaminwurz.


To delight your palate there are also Nervetti, Russian Salad, Spicy Olives, Patè (Veal / Ham / Goose), the inimitable Voghera mustard and in the Christmas period also Gastronomic Panettone, Canapes and much more.

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