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Wide range of products

Salumeria Meri offers a wide range of products at competitive prices: in this way, all our customers have the same opportunity to taste the best meats. The variety ranges from suckling pigs to whole pigs in all their cuts and components, from head to tail.
As for the butcher shop's part specialized in horse meat, you can find horse, foal and even donkey meat, a wide selection of cured meats, smoked products and a large variety of home-made sausages, which can also be customized as desired.
To complete the offer you can also find a wide range of ethnic products from all over the world, including everything you need for your homemade sushi or, for example, all products aimed at our customers of Filipino origin.
You will also find the professionalism of an expert cook who is always ready to give you the best preparation tips.

We buy directly from the manufacturer

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