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A complete assortment 
of pork meat

We have everything about pork, absolutely everything!

You will also be served by the professionalism of an expert cook who is always ready to give you the best preparation tips.


In detail, our assortment consists of:  


Fresh pork:

Whole pigs, Half carcasses, Suckling pigs, Hearts, Liver, Lung, Net, Kidneys, Spleen, Bladder, Heads, Muzzles (Ganassini / Tempiotti), Tails, Feet, Tongues, Ears, Rind, Tacks (Ties, Tacks with bacon, Whole Tacks), Coppa (with and without bone) Bacon, Thighs, Ham, Shoulder (with or without bone), Shins with and without rind, Loin, Carrè, Cutlets (with or without rind), Mince, Stew, Roasts, Skewers, Hamburgers, Blood, Cotechini, Bocce, Zamponi, Mortadelle di Fegato, Sanguinacci, Sausages (Verzini, Toscanelle, Mantovane, Magretta / Luganega, Spicy, Fennel, Cheese and Parsley and also according to your tastes including Sausage of Liver), Guts (for Sausages / Salami), Lard, Lardello, Greaves and even bones.

Smoked Shank, Smoked Tips, Smoked Carré, Smoked Cutlets, Smoked Legs, Smoked Ham, Würstel, Kaminwurzen.

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